Pricing Information

What makes the difference with my cakes? Your average grocery store cake is dry or artificially moist and slathered with frosting from a bucket. My cakes are naturally moist with home-made frostings with lots of variety in flavors. Most of all, I spend a lot of time planning a unique cake. I truly consider this an art and want your cake to be the most beautiful that it can be.

Below are some general pricing guidelines. For more unique cakes, the cost will be more. You can always contact me for items not listed below.

8 inch round cake – $40
9 inch round cake – $45
10 inch round cake – $50
square layer cake – $45
9 x 11 sheet cake – $40
Larger tiered cakes – $3.50 a serving
Cupcakes – $20 a dozen ($25 for fondant details)

I specialize in painted cakes. I’ve painted china patterns, children’s book characters, etc. Please let me know if I can create an edible piece of art for you!

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