Over the Hill!

As a person on the other side of fifty, I found I had a lot of fun making this cake. Some day I may be the recipient of one and when that day comes, I intend to have a good sense of humor about it. The dentures were tackled first and using a reference (my own chompers) I made a set of upper and lower false teeth. I then made the pill box starting out with a general long block of fondant. Once I was happy with the square corners, I used a “tappits” set of letters to create the days of the week and I drew a line between each letter to create each box lid. I made a separate lid for the one open compartment and dug out a hole in the fondant to add the pills and then used edible glue to place the box.

I add the other elements including the tubes of Preparation H and Fixodent as well as a “no 59” symbol and some other elements to fill out the sides of the cake. I used buttercream instead of fondant to cover the cake. It was a customer request and I do like the practice I get trying to get a super smooth finish. Overall, I really enjoyed making this cake (even with the Viagra pills :-)).