Sewing Machine Cake

Several of my Facebook friends shared a version of this cake with me. I would have loved to make it, but I was too busy to spend that much time experimenting. Then I finally got an order to make it. Whoo hoo!

I had to make several of the cake items in advance. This included the machine itself as well as scissors, spools of thread, and a thimble. I also had to paint a few of these silver which meant at least 24 hours for everything to set.

My first version of the sewing machine was all fondant. But as I looked at it, I felt that it was too flat and heavy. I was also concerned that the machine would separate or crack apart. I decided to smash it up (yep Рthe fondant may have dried on the outside but a little shortening and elbow grease can mash it all back to a useable product). I decided to make a frame using the cereal rice marshmallow method. I ground the cereal to as fine a mixture as I could and I also covered the frame in melted white chocolate so that the fondant could be as smooth as possible. I did reference some images of sewing machines so that mine looked more like the real thing.

I loved my final version but I was surprised that it was as heavy as if not heavier than my first “hunk of fondant” attempt. For that reason, I used cake supports under the topper so that it would sink into the cake. I had a Wilton mold with buttons which were added the night I made the cake.

I was so very proud of how this cake came out. I look forward to another one just as challenging!